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Jennie Wilde balances hand-building with deconstructing and reassembling clay through carving,

marking, and sculpting until an emotional quality is revealed.  The development of each work

is a delicate balance of discovery, getting lost, and becoming found through the making

process.  Wilde is currently dedicated to the deep rich tonality of

black clay, signaling decay and mortality.


Wilde’s studio practice involves developed methods for recycling clay that invite the state of

the material to directly influence the shape of each form. Each piece is extremely

organic, literally expressing her relationship with the material in a range of movements

from spontaneous gestural strokes to brisk throws against a wall

and the simple imprint of her thumb. 

Her practice is designed to be low-impact and sustainable. This is evidenced by a commitment to

shared resources through a community studio space, the reduction of material through

recycled clay, unglazed pieces, and tool repurposing.


Artists Statement


My connection to nature is visceral; it results in a strong positive energy that is the

essence and foundation of all my artwork. I seek out nature as a place of raw truth

to provide perspective and to cultivate the deep kinship I feel.

I use my art to explore our human connection to the natural world. Each work focuses

on the physical and the intangible, the unexpected and the familiar,

evolving into an imaginary yet realistic form.

My current work focuses on the uncertainty of impermanence.


Click here for questions and conversation about my work, learn about what is in progress or collaborate on a project.

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